Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fashion trends: Fall / Winter 2015♥

Hello fashionistas! As you all know I love researching and reading anything about fashion.  I really see to it that I get myself updated on the upcoming trends for the next season.  This also helps me in sourcing the items for my online boutique.  And of course this is my stress buster. 

Here are the upcoming trends for Fall/Winter 2015:  Colder months mean: more dramatic, bold, subtle colors.  Thicker fabrics, coats, jackets and etc.

  • Carwash pleats: the new way to show off your legs. 
source: ELLE

  • Fur sleeves :
    source: Fashionising.com

  • Neo Victorian : Victorian influences for Fall 2015 - High collars, ruffles, precious fabrics and dramatic silhouettes.
    source: Alexander McQueen/Vogue

  • The Slip dress : This became popular in the 90's (and now making a comeback this 2K15).  Slip dress is a women's dress, traditionally bias cut with spaghetti straps that resembles like an underslip or petticoat. 

source: Salvatore Ferragamo/Vogue

  • Statement White Blouse : Going back and embracing the classic!
source: Chanel/Vogue

  • Chic Patchwork : Not done with the 70's vibe yet.  Patchwork textures gave a major impact on the Fashion week runway. 
source: Fashionising.com

  • The Pantsuit : Actually this look never goes out of style.  The key point here is to have a good tailoring or it will be a fashion no-no.  

source: Mango.com

  • Eastern Influence : The trend is going East for autumn, ancient Chinese prints and silhouettes. 

source: Valentino/Vogue

  • High-waist pants : Waists going higher and higher, this highlights the midriff and elongates the legs.  Best worn with tucked in flowy blouse and cropped jacket.

source: Fashionising.com

  •  Code RED :  With the Eastern influence in fashion, of course color red will definitely dominate the signature palette for the season.  

source: Fashionising.com

  • Luxe Shine : Glitters and sparkles adorns the most basic silhouettes for Autumn, better way to catch the attention, right?

source: Tod's/Vogue

  • Brocades : Brocade is a class of a richly decorative woven fabric, often made in colored silk with or without gold and silver threads. The brocade was given a fresh and new look for 2015.

source: Zara.com

  • The New Plaid : Reinventing the classic plaid for Autumn 2015.  Re-imaging the pattern into different ways.

source: Fashionising.com

  • Frosty Pastels :  Going dainty for Winter 2015.  Pastels makes the cold season more sweet and charming: in the shades of pale pink, blue and lavender.  This is in contrast with the usual winter colors that are on the darker hues.

source: Fashionising.com

  • Velvet : Re-introducing velvet in 2015! The most touchable fabric getting a makeover this coming Autumn. 

source: Sonia Rykiel/Vogue

  • Floor duster Coats :  Well I need not elaborate on this... Floor length coats were the hemlines almost touches the ground. 

source: Chloé/Vogue

Well my take on trends every season: I only choose those that will suit me and my personality.  I need not buy new things or stuff, as I have mentioned on my previous posts I always mixed old or classic pieces with the new.

Always remember that you should "feel" what you're wearing... if you are not comfortable (or awkward),  it would probably show and that is a major disaster.  Know your body type: don't wear ill-fitting clothes, it's better to enhance your assets and hide your flaws. And lastly, always look at yourself in the mirror, take a deep breath and say... "You can do this girl, you are beautiful inside out!"



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