Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Oh Hello my Kitties!♥

They're finally here!!!  All the way from Indonesia - Hello Kitty plushies dressed in Mcdonald's characters: Ronald, Hamburglar, Birdie and Grimace.  You can get the plush collectible for every Happy meal.  I was thrilled when it arrived yesterday.  New addition to my Hello Kitty collection - Thanks to Jennie & Danver! Love you guys!♥♥♥

HK - Ronald McDonald
HK - Hamburglar

HK - Birdie
HK - Grimace
Hello Kitty in McDonaldland♥

I am happy (kid inside) that I have the complete collection of these cuties... When McDonald's Singapore released their Bubbly world collection last year, I got 3 and missed 3... Well my next project is SG's upcoming Hello Kitty Happy Meal dolls

Still hoping that soon... Philippines will have it's own version of Hello Kitty plushies... (as they say, never lose hope.. hehe)  *wink!


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