Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Louis Vuitton Nano bags♥

Few weeks ago, I went to Louis Vuitton store in Greenbelt 5 to get my Damier Speedy 30 checked.  While waiting for the SA this cutie bag caught my eye.  The Alma Nano.♥  Actually there are other teeny tiny bags on the shelves but I opted to check this one.  I asked the SA's permission if I could take a photo of the bag.  It was so tiny: so if you're using an iPhone 6 or 6+, this is not the bag for you.  It can only fit an iPhone 5 / 5S or any small mobile phone, a lippy and a small purse. The price? It's Php55,000.00.

I am a fan of huge bags, because I carry lots of stuff, but small or tiny bags are now invading the "bag world".  Sometime last year I shared my insights about the Alma Epi BB and other Mini bags, really love that bag (wishlist) but of course it is Louis Vuitton, so it's not cheap: it costs around Php66,000.00.  

Bag trends from micro, mini and now -- Nano!

source: Google

Louis Vuitton unveiled their Nano Collection early this month (Fall/Winter 2015).  The Collection features the downsized version of their classic pieces. (Left to Right) Pallas Nano, Turenne Nano, Lockit Nano, Alma Epi Nano, W Nano, Noe Nano and Speedy Nano.  Each bag has its leather strap and comes similar colors as the bigger ones.

I really get so giddy... every time I talk about bags. (*wink!)

My personal take: Super cute but not really practical.  My choice is still the Alma BB!♥

What do you think of the Nano bag?  Tell me which one is your favorite!


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