Thursday, August 20, 2015


Seventies fashion is back this 2015!  I'm a 70's baby (Martial law baby to be exact was born in 1972 so do the math and you will know how old I am..hehe).  So what's the seventies look?  I remember wearing flare pants and plaid top.  Retro: Mega bell bottoms, flares, fancy prints - that hippie look! (Peace men!), fringes/tassels, denims, round sunnies, Farah Fawcett hair, Charlie's Angels fashion.  

If you're a kid, young adult in the 70's - you are probably familar with the original Charlie's Angels (American Crime television series): starring - Farah Fawcett-Majors, Kate Jackson and  Jaclyn Smith, not the movie in year 2000.  They are the fashion icons of the seventies!  You can emulate their look to get that seventies style! 

Mango - Texture blouse P2,250.00 & Fringe skirt P2,750.00
Mango - Flared jeans P2,950.00 & Striped polo shirt P1,950.00
Mango - Embroidered panel blouse P2,250.00 
Zara - Polka dot trousers P2,995.00
Zara - Printed shirt P2,595.00 & Bootcut trousers P2,595.00
Zara - Fancy skirt P2,595.00
Zara - Printed tunic P2,595.00 & Faux leather pants P2,295.00
Photo credit: Plains & Prints
Photo credit: Plains & Prints
Photo credit: Plains & Prints

Better raid your mom's, tita's closet for sure you will find a classic vintage piece from the 70's.  Me, I still have the sweater that my Tita gave to me years ago. :)

Be Fab .. and groovy baby... seventies style!


(Photo credits: Mango, Zara and Plains & Prints)

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