Wednesday, May 27, 2015

10 things that a woman should have on her work desk♥

Nowadays lots of women spend more time at work than at home.  Or may be if you have an home office space you spend a lot of time there. That's why it is considered an important space of us "women of the future".  Me, I like sprucing up my work space every now and then, I am a little OC: I always want all things on it's proper place. And of course I love cute and unique things.  Well this not about what's on our office desk, but what I have listed a couple of office desk emergency items.  (Because we can never predict if something happens, right?!)
  1. Mobile phone charger : this is a MUST!!! I have 2 mobile chargers since I have 2 phones, an iPhone and my ever reliable Nokia QWERTY phone.  I also carry a powerbank in my bag.  So it's no low batt phone for me wherever I go.
  2. Feminine products : Always be prepared and ready for ... period!  It's kinda embarrassing to ask for this from your office mates, it's a personal thing.
  3. Kikay kit : When we were in grade school, we were required to have a health kit in our bag or sometimes we leave them in our classrooms.    What should be in our kikay kit? Toothbrush and toothpaste, wet tissue/tissue paper, alcohol or hand sanitizer, lip balm, cheek tint, mosquito repellant.
  4. Hair elastic / pins : There are times we need to put our hair up or sometimes when our side bangs keeps on falling on our face... I always keep these things handy.
  5. Flip flops / Ballerina flats :  Believe me you should have a pair of these in case of emergency.  (Sometimes after a long day of wearing our high heels... our feet just needs to be relaxed)  Actually I also keep a pair of flip flops in my car.  
  6. Sewing kit :  What will you do if you found out that there was rip on your outfit or office uniform?  Or when your buttons accidentally popped out?  A needle and a thread is the answer.  And you must also have safety pins in your mini sewing kit.
  7. First aid medicines and Band aid : I have a small pouch in my desk, with the following: pain reliever, antacid, loperamide, betahistine (Serc: i need this for my vertigo) and anti-histamine.  Band aid, it's self explanatory.
  8.  Reusable water bottle / Cup / Glass : We should always keep ourselves hydrated.  Or we should have our own cup or glass.  Actually I have my own cup, plate and cutlery here, so I don't use our office cutlery/utensils.
  9. Snacks : When cravings suddenly hit, keep some candies and crackers in your desk.  
  10. Office drawer duplicate keys :  In case you left your keys at home...No need to PANIC! Having a duplicate set of keys: is the answer to this emergency. (this usually happens to me whenever I change my bag). 
What do you think? Any other things you think is a must have in every woman's desk? Tell me!


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