Saturday, May 02, 2015

Cover-up: Caftan & Kimono♥

Ooh SUMMER!  COVER-UPS are the season's must have... actually you can wear them any time of the year.  Aside from wearing it over swimwear you can also use it on: tank top + shorts/jeans, jumpsuit or dress.  The first cover up I had was like some kind of over-sized shirt, but through the years: the traditional caftans and kimonos were reinvented to become the modern day statement cover-ups (stylish robes).  Made from flowing, sheer garments either sleeveless and long sleeves: Fringes, tassels were added to give it a new twist... Length varies from short to ankle or floor length.

Here are my choices of cover-ups that you can find locally: (in no particular order)

Fringed print caftan - Mango P4,950.00

Printed reversible kimono - Mango P2,250.00

Fringed print caftan - Mango P1,950.00

Printed Kimono - Zara P2,250.00
Kimono with side split - Stradivarius P1,290.00
Print kimono with fringing on hem - Stradivarius P1,290.00

Patterned Kimono - H&M P1,190.00
Dragonfly kimono - Plains & Prints P1,298.00

Caftan (or Kaftan) an ancient Mesopotamian origin: is usually ankle length and long sleeves, made of flowing garment that is used as a coat or overdress. 

Kimono is a traditional Japanese garment.  It's T-shaped robe with wide sleeves also floor length.

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