Thursday, May 14, 2015


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Oh that hurts... Last night's episode really brought me to tears.  I really felt the pain that Agnes (Liza Soberano) is going through.  The arrival of Xander (Enrique Gil) made my heart jump!  Hopefully something good will happen tonight. (feeling hopeful)  

I am not really into tearjerker teleseryes,   even on movies.  I want "feel good" romantic comedy, "stress na sa work tapos stress pa ulit"  so I really go for this kind of plot.

Who is not addicted to this teleserye?  I can honestly say that I am completely hooked.  I never missed an episode when the show started in October 2014.  A simple farm girl (Agnes Calay) falling for a rebellious only son of a hotel magnate (Xander Grande).  It seemed like a regular love story, rich boy falling in love with a poor girl (and viceversa) but the magic of Director Cathy Garcia-Molina transformed it into the something worth watching.

The teleserye also showed the importance of the family: the sacrifices of each of the main characters for their families. Which is very "Pinoy", because we all know that we are family-oriented.
Story lines, cinematography: Thumbs up!  I love how they captured every scene, especially those shot in Benguet.  I've never been there (maybe soon), but it showcased the beauty of the place.  Now the small town in Benguet, now popularly known as Sitio La Presa became a tourist destination.  That gave chance to the locals to earn extra income.

Book 1: Is the BEST! Felt like I was in high school again.  It's been a while since I got so "kilig", never really expected that.  (haha..)  My favorite scene was when Xander was running and Agnes hit him with a cabbage. (that's super funny)

Book 2: Pain and sacrifices here...  but there are also some good things that happened: the fall of the Saavedras;  Agnes and the twins were able to study again...   My unforgettable scene here is when Agnes accepted the sampaguita given by Xander in the park and when they both sang and danced the "Kapag tumibok ang puso". (So cute!)

Liza Soberano is a breakthrough actress here.  She's really good and very natural.  She acted like a pro not a 17 year old baby. (It's like she had experienced a lot in life) We all know that Enrique Gil already proven himself as one of the sought after actors of his generation. He appeared in a couple of movies and teleseryes.  But of course "Forevermore" is a big break for both of them.  (I love their chemistry.)  JLC and Bea in the making... 
Now, it's ending next week... 7 episodes left... I wonder what will happen tonight.  Will it be something positive? Or will they just let each other go...  (I can't wait)  Do I need to ready my tissue box for tonight's episode?  Hay...Let's just wait and see... If there's really a Road to Forever....

*It's not the remake of the Forevermore movie of Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa
*International teleserye: now being shown in Kazakhstan and soon in other parts of Asia and Africa.

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