Monday, June 29, 2015

Minions craze♥

Minions! Minions!!!  These cute, yellow creatures who loves bananas and we didn't even understand what they're saying are back to dominate the world.  The craze is back!  My niece and nephews are going ga-ga over them.  I often hear my 6 and 2 years old nephews singing the "Ba-na-na song!"  

They are all over the place!!!  

source: McDonald's Philippines

Last week Mcdonald's Philippines launched their Happy Meal Minion toys.  There are 10 collectible Minion toys... our boys already have them all.  Not only that last night when I was watching tv, I saw this advertisement from Monde.  They have their own Minion promo.

source: Monde website

The promo is called My Minion Mamon: it's their Mamon-It-Yourself special promo pack which contains 6 mamons and the decorating kit.  

And then I saw this... for the shoe-aholics out there.. (hihi)

source: Google

source: Google
Self-confessed Minion,  Sandra Bullock wore these Minion heels designed by Rupert Sanderson at the yellow carpet premiere of the new Minions movie.  

The movie opens in theaters here in the Philippines on July 8.

Do you also adore the Minions?  Would you care to wear those heels?


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