Friday, June 19, 2015

Off-the-shoulder trend♥

I remember when my Ate turned 18, she wore an off shoulder midi-gown.  Hmmm, that was 25+ years ago, and now it's making a comeback.

Bare those shoulders, my dear! Isn't that sexy?  We have been seeing a lot of these off-the-shoulder silhouettes worn by fashion icons and celebrities... 

If you watched Paul and Toni's wedding special on ABS-CBN: Ms. Charlene Gonzales-Muhlach wore this elegant off-shoulder gown...she's stunning! I love it!

Photo credit: @itsmecharleneg
Off the shoulder trend is not limited to gowns and evening wears.  

If you're typical Boho / Coachella babe, off shoulder clothing would definitely be a perfect choice: either a top or a dress.  Just glam it up with a hat, pile of bracelets and sandals or suede mid-cut booties!

source: Mango

If you are "chic style" babe: Wear your off shoulder top with a high-waisted trousers, mid length skirt or culottes.

Source: Apartment 8 Clothing

 One of the best advantage in wearing off-the-shoulder tops and dresses: it makes you look slimmer and  your arms look thinner as well. 

In accessorizing: Necklace is a "no-no" especially the elaborate ones.  Well, a string of pearls choker, tennis necklace or a simple chain necklace with the small pendant will do.  But for me I wanted it bare, so it will emphasize your collar bones making you look more thinner and sexier.

Would you go for this off-the-shoulder trend?


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