Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Pantene Advanced Keratin Repair♥

 After trying out the Pantene Age-defy Shampoo and conditioner, I am very anxious to try it's other variant from Pantene's Expert Collection: the Advanced Keratin Repair.  Keratin is a component that can be found in human hair, it provides strength and toughness in every strand, and not only that it is also present in our nails.  

One of the biggest key to our hair's healthy growth is damage prevention.  When our hair is traumatized by using heat styling gadgets, applying hair chemical: it usually loses its keratin (the protein in hair that gives strength) - that leads to damage: split ends.  I, myself have been a victim of split ends when I decided to grow my hair long from the usual bob.  And I don't want to experience that anymore, that is why I really take care of my hair, because it's our crowning glory.  Yes, I am not a make up person: but I (really)spend for my hair.  I don't color, I just get a trim when I feel that my hair is beginning to look dull and un-manageable.  I seldom use heat styling gadgets, because heat can really cause damage to our hair. (I'm so-over that, I used to abuse my hair, by blow drying everyday when I was still in college)

Pantene Advanced Keratin Repair shampoo and conditioner are made in USA, thanks to my uncle who sent me these hair care duo.  It arrived last weekend and I tried it the first time today.  It has the same color and almost same scent of their Age Defy variant.  (really addicted to its scent!). 

After my first use:  exactly the same effect when I used the Age defy, minus the volume, NO! it did not weighed my hair down.  Same silky softness, tamed frizz and and course it gave my hair that much needed luster and shine. 

RATE: ♥♥♥♥♥ (same rate I gave Pantene Age defy and Smooth and Sleek variants)

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