Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Purrfect Hello Kitty pouches♥

Hello ... Kitty!  Welcome to your new home! (*wink)  I am so excited to use these pouches.  Yeah I'm an organizing freak!  My old bag pouch was already for retirement, so I badly need a replacement ASAP.  I got my old Hello Kitty pouch from Daiso Japan, but at the moment there are no HK pouches available. These uber cute red, white and blue flat pouches are made of vinyl with zip closure. (I so love it!♥)

Aside from my bag organizer, a pouch is really a must-have.  I always carry pouches in my purse: plural? Yes, because I have 2 or 3 pouches in my bag: 
  • For receipts, bills and small notes
  • For my make up and first aid medicines
  • For my charger/power bank
That's why my bag is clutter free...

Dimension 7.5" x  5"

Dimension: 10" x  7"

These cute pouches are purrfect addition to my collection!♥

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