Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Simple Indulgence: Lavender♥

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Lavender is one of the 39 species of the flowering plant in the mint family.  Its scientific name is Lavandula angustifolia and named lavender because of the shade of the flowers.

I am really obsessed with the scent! It's very calming...   I always want our home especially my room to be smelling like I am in the lavender fields.  The sweet aroma is very relaxing and soothing and is great before you go to bed.

Soaps! I love Yardley English Lavender soap since I was in grade school, that was my Tita's soap. These bar soaps are not locally available, so big thanks to my relatives and friends abroad. 

source: marks and spencer website

I also love Marks and Spencer's body wash/shower gel and hand soap

source: watsons
 This is another option for me, Watsons' Lavender and Chamonile hand soap.  I usually hoard these during their Buy-1-Take-1 promo.  

Essences: only a few that are locally available.    After cleaning and de-cluttering our home especially my bedroom, I wanted it to be smelling good as well.  A clean space should always be super "bango"! And I believe that a nice smelling place attracts good and positive vibes.  

Before I go to bed I always spray the room mists on my pillows for a more relaxing sleep.  Just before bedtime I usually light my scented candle for 5 to 10 minutes or pour some potpourri oil on my burner, so that the essence will fill the whole room.

That's my simple indulgence... What's yours?  Do you also like the scent of Lavender? Share it with me... 


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  1. My only problem with lavander is this movie Priscilla I've seen and the sentence ''It's not purple, It's lavander!'' so whenever someone mantions anythings about it, I can't help but think of that first. And I'm having a lavander laptop myself, and of course I named it Priscilla ;)




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