Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Fabulousity by Chiq still FAB at 4♥

I just can't imagine that my online boutique is 4 today!  I remember when I first took a plunge in the online selling world, when I got my first order in Multiply back then - I was very happy and excited. It was a really a fulfillment of a childhood dream (to have my boutique, even if it's not a physical store.. who knows maybe soon.. ), and I never expected that this dream will come true.  

From Multiply to Facebook and last year I joined Instagram.

Yes, there are ups and downs in businesses...(I was not spared from joy reservers...but I tried my best not to get affected, of course it's annoying but it's a part of selling - you will come across these kind of people)  but what I have learned from my grand parents is that you should always think positive, never give up and most importantly - be honest to your customers.  There are a lot of bogus sellers online but in order to gain the trust of someone, one should: (1) Be reliable, by doing what you say; (2) Honor your promises, if you promise to deliver on a specific day you should deliver, if unexpected delay occurs you should advice your buyer or customer right away (for sure they will understand); (3) Be consistent; (4) Be honest - always tell the truth.

I would like to thank God for His endless blessings, my family for unending support and love, and to  all my clients who also became my friends... Thanks for your continued patronage!!!♥

In line with my 4th Anniversary, I will be giving a free gift for every purchase from August 3 to 15, 2015.

So what are you waiting for?  Visit my online boutique: Fabulousity by Chiq♥ or follow me on Instagram @fabulouschq

Happy Shopping!♥


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