Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Chain link necklaces: Fall 2015♥

New chain link necklaces coming this Fall at Fabulousity by Chiq♥.  After the success of my Nate necklace (which was inspired by DBroussard's plexi glass necklaces that is making waves in UK)  Now comes my new chain link babies: I named it after our well-known Filipino great painters - Felix Resurrecion Hidalgo and Juan Luna.  

Luna link Necklace : Geometric shaped link long necklace, made from high quality resin, super lightweight.

Charcoal, Brick, Navy and Tortoise
Blue, Green, Pink, Red and Clear
Hidalgo link necklaces: Bold and chunky statement neck piece that is made from high quality resin and of course it is super lightweight.

I am so into these kind of necklaces, aside from being versatile: meaning you can wear it on any kind of outfit, and it does not tarnish because of its material.  So aside from my popular Nate necklace, surely these new link necklaces will also be one of the statement piece that every fab girl would love to have in her collection. 


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