Thursday, August 13, 2015

Office cubi Revamp #1♥

Baby steps... that's my goal or maybe slowly but surely.  I am an organizing freak!  O.C. (Obsessive Compulsive) when it comes to my things, files... well I guess everything.  As much as possible I want my stuff orderly both at home and office.  I always believe that you can work properly in an organized environment.  Last week, I started revamping my office work space.  Though I cannot do the re-arranging and working all at the same time.  But I know little by little I will get there.  

First assignment: Side table 

De-clutter:  This is easier said than done (hihi).  Need to throw a couple of used or old stuff.  There are times we need to let go of our old things, because it really eats up space (except for those with a little sentimental value which we need to weigh: which is important and not-so important).  From there you can start.  

Reuse / Refurbish:  Instead of buying new containers or folder organizers, I just wrapped the old ones, and Whoala! It looks new again.  Used old desk calendar holder/case as mat by wrapping them with black cartolina and plastic cover.  For the used bond papers, we use the blank side in photo copying and the others I cut them to make small memo pads. 

Black and white with a touch of hot pink of course is my color peg (excuse the green expanding folders, I have no choice but to use them, they are office issued supplies), just like my work table at home.  The white plastic baskets / CD containers:  I got them from Daiso store just below our office at P88.00 each where I placed my CD library where I back up my files and reports and the other container for my current and previous years journal.  Having a yearly journal is another story, yes I keep them for future reference.  I also have another container with handle for unused plastic utensils and straw, instead of throwing them away if we have our meals delivered, so if we have a small office party we need not buy plastic utensils anymore.  The canister, used to be a mug case: now I am using it to store my instant coffee, iced tea and condiments sachet.  

Well, these are all for now... I'll be sharing my second project soon...

Happy organizing!♥



  1. I wish I am O.C. too but find it hard to get consistent. Whenever I make a huge effort to change myself, then I get worse after few months. My mom is OC. When I was still young, she does the cleaning without guiding me or letting me do it. I wish she just helped me. I was spoiled.

    1. Oh... Me I really love arranging and organizing, and yes it's hard to be consistent. There are times I become a little lazy, but once i see clutter, can't stand it. And when we're kids (me & my siblings) we are required to clean our own rooms even if we have house help.


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