Friday, August 07, 2015

Sanrio Characters that I miss♥

I am a Sanrio fan!  Can you see they are so many... Oh my!  I am a fan but honestly I don't know them all.

Love reminiscing about Sanrio: Saving my allowance just to buy a cute stationery, pencil, pencil cap, eraser: when I was in elementary and high school.  I remember I have this Tuxedo Sam school bag and matching wallet, Hello kitty pencils, pencil case and My Melody compact mirror.  (Well I still have the compact mirror and wallet with me.. can't remember where the bag is, I blame Ondoy).  Banco Filipino - Happy Savers Club depositor; Trips to Gift gate whenever we go to Unimart in Greenhills or AliMall: heaven to me that time (until now)... seeing those cute and dainty Sanrio stuff.  

If you're a 70's or 80's baby: Who never loved Sanrio that time?

Yes, Hello Kitty is my #1 but aside from her my other favorites were My Melody, Tuxedo Sam, Kero keroppi, Kuromi, and Zashikibuta.  My sister would probably get mad at me if i will  not mention her favorite Little Twin Stars - Lala & Kiki and Tiny Poem.

Of the 7 characters two of them I don't see anymore, I think Sanrio already phased them out. No items or posts about them at the Sanrio website or even at the Hello Kitty world game (which yes I play - it de-stresses me).

For those who were not born yet in the 80's and not familiar with Tiny Poem and Zashikibuta: Meet them!

Tiny Poem : She loves to ride the breeze and plays amongst the green trees, deep in the mountains. Dandelions are her favorite flowers.  Her birthday is January 21st, created in 1976.  Real name: Sachan

Zashikibuta : I call him Zashi! This natural colored pig some times wearing a mint green scarf lives in France and has a friend mouse named Tabby.  He was born in February 2, 1983.

Miss these cuties... Good thing I still have my old pocket dictionary that is wrapped with Zashi wrapper and a Tiny Poem stamp. 

Are you familiar with them?  Or do you have a Sanrio character favorite that is no longer active now? Share it with me...



  1. OMG I loved Twin Stars so much I had a poster of them and a few merch from way back :D

    WhateverBabe | Bloglovin

    1. Really!!! My Ate is still a fan up to now... Guess all of us have fond memories of Sanrio characters.


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