Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Babushka by Kimmidoll♥

Babushka (also known as Matryoshka) or Russian nesting doll or simply Russian doll: this doll first appeared in Russia: it's a set of wooden dolls in decreasing size placed inside one another.  The name Matryoshka came from Matriosh or Matriona: that means a matriarch of a big Russian family.  In early days, these dolls are given to new borns to wish them long and prosperous life.

This year Kimmidoll (cutie Japanese Kokeshi dolls from Australia) released its own version of Russian dolls.  Aside from Hello Kitty, I also collect Kimmidolls. Now I can't wait to add these Babushka dolls to my collection.  I know my sister would also be wanting to add them to her Russian dolls collection.

What I like about Kimmidolls?  Aside from being an elegant decorative collector's item, each doll is inspired by the beauty of nature and inspirational values it represents.  Same thing with their newly launched Babushka dolls: each doll is designed with intricate patterning, detailed line work and exquisite blooming flowers and comes with a collector's card and of course an inspirational message of love and friendship.

I bring to you the wisdom of timeless friendship, knowing you will find peace and strength to weather the storm and celebrate the bright summers of life.

I bring to you new love; the burning kindle of new experience that builds into a warm glow. May your passion always burn bright throughout your life.

I bring you intricate friendship.  May you always share harmony and knowledge with others as you move with grace through the ever changing tapestry of your life.

I bring to you the celebration of love; a wonderful dance and melody, ever changing as you weave and glide through the beauty of the world with those you love.

I bring to you the familiar love of a warm embrace. Wherever you journey, may you always create a loving shelter to call a home, with an open heart for you and those you call family.

I bring to you an enduring love.  When you are swept out into the world on your many adventures, may you always find your feet grounded safe in the knowledge that you are loved.

I bring to you rich friendship, opulent and golden, so you may travel through life surrounded with prosperity, forever finding luxury in small miracles and simple moments.

I bring to you spring love; a celebration of renewal with an open heart that brings new warmth into you life, full of promise and the elation of new beginnings.

I bring you evergreen friendship of long lasting compassion.  May those you meet always mirror your open heart, acceptance and understanding.

I bring to you a sweet friendship; the simple joys that hold the most meaning and the little acts of kindness that are shared through the lives of those touched by your kind spirit.

I bring to you bright, radiant friendship.  For those who come into your light, the world is a brighter place. May you always shine with the warmth of the thousand suns.

I bring to you a treasured love.  You are a precious jewel with elegant beauty, gracefully moving through your life.  May you always shine with timeless brilliance.

Collectors like me will definitely drool... These dolls are available in Figurines 4 inches tall, Magnet 2 inches, and key chain 2 inches tall excluding chain.  Find them soon at Rustan's department stores and selected Fully booked.  

(Photo credit: Kimmidoll Philippines)

Hoyo to kisu,

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