Friday, October 02, 2015

Karlito Capsule Collection by Fendi♥

In the fashion world who is not familiar with Karl Lagerfeld?  The gray-haired man in ponytail dressed in black and white, trademark black tie and his black iconic sunglasses.   I have known him being the creative director of the House of Chanel as well as Fendi.  Speaking of Fendi: Fendi recently released a collection dedicated to Karl Lagerfeld known as: Karlito Capsule Collection.   

source: Google

The fun and playful collection features Karlito icon in shirts, jerseys, denim jeans, sneakers, scarves and accessories like bag charms, phone cases, totes, pouch bag & clutches.  This limited edition collection is a part of Fendi's Spring/Summer 2015.  

These fab and luxe goodies are now available but of course being a high-end brand it's very expensive.  Imagine when I checked on the iPhone case at Neiman Marcus is costs -- PhP30,195.00 (€370.00) it's almost the price of the new iPhone. (hahaha)

source: google

Loving the tote: black tote with fox fur Karlito design and retails at $3,950.00. The Fleece Jersey and the other ready to wear items have "Karl loves Fendi" embroidery.  (Fleece Jersey €1,240.00; Denim €875.00, Sneakers €1,200.00)

Studded Karlito pouch bag

Mini studded Karlito pouch bag

Karlito scarf

Karlito iPhone cover

Karlito Studded iPhone cover

Oh before I forget: the "IT" bag accessory of the season! The Karlito fur bag charm (starts at $1,150.00/€820.00).  I so love it!  Being a bag lover, I wish to have one - to hang on my favorite hand bag. (*wink!)

Karlito Bag Charm/key ring
(Photo credit to Fendi)


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